January 17th, 2020

Extend the Life of Your Marketing Video

A marketing video is a vital resource for companies today, but many companies overlook opportunities to expand their video’s reach and keep their content evergreen. As a result, they struggle to get the full value or lifetime out of their videos.


What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is messaging that is always relevant and never goes out of style. The message appeals to your audience regardless of the season, year or news. Even evergreen content should be refreshed every few years as your industry and company changes. However, evergreen videos stay relevant for much longer and can be leveraged in more ways than time or season specific content.


Tips for Making an Evergreen Marketing Video

  1. Choose who will be in your marketing video
    • If you are interviewing members of your team for the video, consider focusing on team members who have a long tenure at the company. This will help you avoid re-shooting video footage every year to replace old team members who have left.
    • If you are in an industry with a high turn-over rate, consider focusing on graphics videos or investing in on-camera talent. You can also use interview audio as a voice over with action shots (or b-roll) covering the face of the interview subjects.
  2. Avoid talking about seasons or dates in ways that shorten the video’s life.
    • Steer clear of phrases like: “last year” “this Spring” or “our company is _ years old”. These phrases limit the life of your video and become a sore spot after a year. The following phrases will stay relevant longer.
      • Since 2002 we have…
      • In 2019 our company invested in new technology that set the foundation for growth….
  1. Avoid seasonal decorations in the video’s background.
    • Many workplaces use seasonal decorations to create a fun environment in the office, especially around Christmas. Companies that film over the holidays often forget that their decorations are also being filmed. The decorations are fun in December, but feel out of place when you watch the video in May.
  2. Make small updates to the video.
    • Keep your video feeling fresh by making small updates to your video instead of large ones. Update the look of your graphics and logo animation, capture and add new action shots or tweak your voice over to update your messaging.


Leverage Your Video Across Multiple Platforms

It is time to share your evergreen message with the world. Get even more from your content by publishing your video across multiple platforms or campaigns. This approach takes a little bit of extra planning, but it is worth it in the end. Make sure your marketing video is uploaded and optimized on the following platforms to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

  • YouTube
  • Social media profiles
  • Website
  • Email Marketing

Social media profiles have a variety of rules and required specs for video. Therefore, it is important to do a little research to make sure the final deliverables from your video team will work for all platforms. You may want to consider creating a separate version for platforms like Instagram. Check out this blog for some helpful Instagram tips. You may also want to consider creating a version that is perfect for a paid ad campaign.


Inspiration for Your Evergreen Marketing Video

Are you excited about creating an evergreen marketing video, but not sure where to start? Below is a short list of video types that cater well to evergreen content.

  • Explainer
  • Testimonials
  • Best Practices
  • Values and Company Perspectives
  • A Glimpse at the Company or “Behind the Scenes”
  • Informational

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