December 23rd, 2019

Should I get Corporate Headshots for My Business?

Are you trying to decide if professional headshots are a worthwhile investment for your company? Professional headshots can be a vital asset for creating personal connections with clients. They can also be used to establish your brand or encourage better communication. Many companies are finding creative ways to get the most out of employee headshots. If you answer yes to any of the question(s) below, corporate headshots may be a good addition to your online presence and client touch-points.

Do You Have Personnel Photos on Your Website?

Showcasing corporate headshots on your website is a great way to introduce your team members to your clients. These photos are often the first touchpoint that a client will have with your team members. Therefore it is important that each image communicate a sense of professionalism. A dark and blurry headshot can seem rushed. While a crisp and clear photo can communicate attention to detail.

Corporate Headshot Examples

Is Online Networking Important to Your Company’s Success?

Social media platforms are important for sales, recruiting, and customer outreach. In fact, companies often encourage their employees to use their official company headshots as social media profile images. The most obvious social media platform for business is LinkedIn. Having the same corporate headshots on LinkedIn and your website helps create a clear link between a company and its employees.

If you have an active sales team, having a great headshot is not an option. It’s essential. Updated social media profiles with eye-catching images can take sales efforts to the next level and spark trust or curiosity with potential clients. Since many sales representatives use their personal profiles to reach out to leads, it is important that their profile is clean and professional. Corporate headshots allow your team members to represent your company well.

Does Your Business Build Relationships with Clients?

Corporate headshots are helpful for introducing new clients to your team members. Headshots are even more important for online conference calls and web-chats. Above all, clients appreciate the ability to match a face to their contact’s name.

Out of the box tip: Does your business use an online conference call program? Try uploading your corporate headshot as an “avatar” during your next couple of conference calls. Are the callers more engaged? If so, you likely have your headshot to thank. Support personnel can also use their headshot as an avatar in your web-chat software. The headshot re-assures your client that a real person is helping them. It may also remind them to keep their communication polite, in spite of troubleshooting frustration.

Frozen Fire bridges the gap with staff headshots on our website and through connecting on LinkedIn. Looking for other ways to share your headshots with clients? Consider also including staff photos in your:

  • Brochures
  • Direct mail assets
  • Email Signatures

Corporate headshots are the perfect way to take your company’s website, social media, and print materials to the next level. Contact us today to capture photographs that will make a better impression.




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