October 16th, 2019

The Best Motion Graphics in Dallas

At Frozen Fire, we know the importance of presenting a diversity of visual content in every video. From testimonials to explainer videos, implementing a variety of material serves to grab the eye of even the most disinterested viewer.

In today’s video marketing world, motion graphics are integral to the diversification of video content. In fact, when done right, motion graphics can serve as the elements that polish a final video.

With that in mind, here are 4 strategies you can implement to ensure the creation and presentation of the best motion graphics videos.

#1: Create and Maintain a Cohesive Style

The best motion graphics videos are those that set you and your brand apart from the rest. And how do they do that? By establishing a unique, consistent style that is representative of the level of professionalism your company brings to the table. Plus, every video tells a story, and you’d never want that to get lost in a jumbled variety of graphic design elements.

Storyboarding is an incredibly easy way to ensure that the graphics you’re employing throughout your video will remain consistent. Limiting design to a specific color scheme, font, and unique graphics style will elevate the professional feeling of the video.

#2: Create Engaging Content

Not every video contains content that maintains viewer interest. Explainer videos, for example, are full of information that can fly over someone’s head if the footage is not interesting. The best motion graphics, however, combat that with ease. Elements like moving text and animated statistics aid in creating excitement, keeping viewers engaged, and making complicated statistics easily digestible.

#3: Consistency is Key

Once you start using motion graphics, its important to maintain the air of professionalism you’ve created. In other words: implement motion graphics in every single video that your company puts out!

Explainer videos, social media tidbits, and even internal training videos are all well served by adding a little something extra to elevate the final product, and that’s exactly what the best motion graphics do! Even something as simple as animating your company’s logo and employing it at the beginning and end of every video will maintain the modern, innovative branding you’ve begun to pursue, and set you apart in the eyes of employees, investors, and consumers.

#4: Collaborate to Innovate

There are dozens of tutorials online that can help guide you on the path to learning graphic animation. These are readily available if you feel prepared to tackle the creation of the best motion graphics videos on your own. However, a specific vision is often difficult to recreate by imitating techniques of seasoned motion graphics designers.

Outsourcing to a company that can take on your vision with a fresh pair of eyes and collaborate with you to execute a beautifully engaging final product is a great strategy to achieve the level of graphic effects production you desire. Collaboration leads to unique, individual style, and Frozen Fire would love to help you do just that. Our team of the best motion graphics designers are ready to help you find your voice, broadcast your message, and reach every potential consumer.

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