December 22nd, 2013

SEO Video Marketing: Dallas Video Production Company

SEO Video Marketing

When you need to find an answer to a question, where do you go to find that answer? More than likely you pull out your Smartphone and search Google. If Google produces a video as a result of your search, then you are likely to click on that link first. People want good quality information, and they want it fast.

In order to be found on the web, you must stand out from the crowd. Video helps the search engines to find your site, which in turn helps your audience find you. With Google’s acquisition of YouTube, SEO video marketing has become increasingly important.

4 Reasons to Create an SEO Video Marketing Campaign

1. Videos are sticky.
The use of well-produced video encourages your audience to stay on your page longer. When someone stays on your site a while (i.e., at least long enough to watch a video and find what they were looking for), Google considers this a “long click.” Long clicks get moved to the top of the result pages.
2. Videos increase page rank.
Video helps to increase your website’s chances of earning a spot on the first page of Google by 60 percent. Since YouTube is owned by Google, 80 percent of video results that Google pulls are YouTube based. Search engines really like informational videos. If you are trying to sell a product, then you must have an informational video about your product. More than 80 percent of videos that Google pull are informational videos.
3. Link your YouTube video to your website.
YouTube provides a description area for all video uploads. This description area is an important place to include links to your website and social media outlets that you are on. Although 94 percent of video marketers use YouTube, you should still put your video on as many video search engines such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Metacafé. Embed multiple videos onto one web page to create a series of related videos for maximum linkage.
4. Create high quality content.
While SEO video marketing is important, it does have its limitations. The search engine can’t read the actual video; the only thing it reads is the title of the video, the description, and the transcription. Many people fail to include a transcription for their videos. In addition to transcribing the video, you may want to provide a downloadable PDF or turn the video into a slideshow by taking screenshots of important images within the video.

By Jordan L. Brooks

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