December 22nd, 2013

Digital Holiday Cards for Business

Digital Holiday Cards for Business


Nurture Relationships with your clients this holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching. Businesses are beginning to consider different options to show their holiday cheer and express appreciation to their most valued assets – their clients. When considering your holiday greeting options, digital holiday cards for business are a great way to communicate with your clients as a part of your strategy to nurture those relationships. In addition to sending out your traditional holiday card, consider the option of creating and sharing a digital version as well. This has many benefits to you as a business and to your brand. First, it allows the opportunity for you to target your key contacts directly within an organization by having a special message arrive in their inbox or via other online avenues. Secondly, it has the ability of being shared or sent on to others resulting in additional exposure. Finally, it is another great way for you to nurture the relationship with your client and allow for an unlimited amount of contacts and distribution channels (email campaign, blogging, social media sharing etc.) with no additional costs. As a result, your client has a positive association with you, they can share the content with their colleagues or online, and you have increased the chances of them calling you when your product or services are required in the future.

How do I make a great digital holiday cards for business? To make a lasting impact, Frozen Fire recommends a custom designed card that incorporates your corporate brand, and sending out both a traditional print card as well as a digital version of that card. Last year, Frozen Fire sent out personalized holiday cards to our clients and used the digital holiday card to re-enforce our message online, via e-mail marketing and social media. Cheerful, appealing cards are a fun way to show off a company’s creativity, resourcefulness and culture. Don’t forget to tailor the delivery for your digital holiday cards! The card will look great on your website, in blogs, on social media venues like Pintrest and Instagram, but your holiday card can also go one step further and make a great animated digital card video! To increase your card’s sharability, have your card design brought to life with animation. Upload it to YouTube to share via e-mail as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Last year, Frozen Fire’s animated holiday card was a big hit with our clients! Remember, you don’t have to post on every site to be effective. Target the right people in the right places. Keep an eye out for this year’s digital holiday card from Frozen Fire! Contact us if you love the idea of a unique digital holiday wish and would like assistance with the messaging, design, or animation of your own holiday card.



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