April 12th, 2019

When Are Professional Videography Services Worth It?

We are constantly surrounded by videos and photos. Social media is a must for many businesses and cell phone user-friendly cameras are making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to create videos themselves, without the help of a professional. So how do you know what you should tackle yourself and what requires professional videography services? Ask yourself these questions:

How Valuable Is Your Time?

While capturing photos and video is easier than ever, it still comes with a learning curve for most people and if you are not passionate about this art form, learning how to improve your skills can feel like a chore. If you are considering taking on a project yourself, factor in plenty of time for trial and error and time to learn how to properly use the tools at your disposal. Take a look at the total time you will be sinking into this project and make sure you can afford to devote the time needed. If your time is better spent elsewhere, then reach out to a professional production company.

How Good Does It Need to Look…and Sound?

You always want your videos and photos to look great. But in reality, there is a spectrum. Your candid photos on social media don’t necessarily need to look professional. In some cases, having a more laid-back approach on your social media platforms can help your brand seem more realistic, candid, and relatable. At a minimum, you need your subjects to be in-focus, decently well-lit, and if they are speaking, you need to be able to understand them. If you can’t achieve these requirements, then you need professional videography services. If you want to create a brand video, that represents your brand well, then you need the higher production value that a professional can provide.

Where Is It Going?

Where will you use this video? Is it hidden on a subpage of your website, for internal training of all new employees, used in a single social media post, or are you creating ads to push this video out in front of thousands of new viewers? If you are spending money to show your video, you want to make sure that the new viewer you are paying for comes away with a positive impression of your brand.

How Can I Trim Cost?

Professional videography services are a skillset, and skillsets typically do not come at a low cost. When you hire a production company you are paying for their expertise, expensive equipment that must be acquired and maintained and the ability to avoid mistakes you might make if you were handling the project yourself. A great production company is worth the cost, but sometimes there isn’t much room in the budget. What do you do?

One of the great benefits that Frozen Fire offers our clients is providing customized solutions to their video needs. Just like there are a million ways to build a house, there are just as many ways to create a video. A production company should be willing to present options to tailor the scope of work to fit a slimmer budget. Are you able to provide the location instead of shooting in studio? That’s a huge cost savings! Can we cut one camera and videographer? It may change the overall look of the video, but it will be a more cost-effective video while maintaining high production quality. Writing the script, providing the talent, utilizing a team member to conduct interviews instead of a producer; these are all options to help meet your budgetary needs while still allowing your video production company to produce a quality product.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a little more information on professional videography services, what’s next? We encourage you to reach out to us to learn about how we can partner together and create a high-quality video that will elevate your brand.

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