August 6th, 2019

What Tourism Videos Can Do

Cities and businesses that heavily rely on tourists have a few extra challenges when it comes to promoting themselves. Tourism videos are a great asset when it comes to reaching relevant audiences that aren’t geographically close to you. By using video to promote your city or business, the offerings become tangible to the viewer and encourage them to start packing their bags.

Types of Tourism Videos


The type of video you need depends on what and how you are trying to promote to potential tourists.  If it is a tourism video based on a general location, we can treat it as a trailer or highlight video – for your city. Showing the highlights of the town and keeping it brief are key. Draw people in and make them want to see more.


In a similar vein, you can also promote specific categories of activities or businesses within your city. Decide on the grouping and emphasize unique elements of each, encouraging viewers to explore options at each one.


Want to give potential tourists a taste of your town? An itinerary video is a great way to take viewers through a day or more in your city. Show different restaurants, sights, and activities that they may want to see. Displaying your city from the unique perspective of a tourist can help individuals see themselves there and give them ideas for what to do.


Creating promotional tourism videos for individual businesses is a great way for tourist attractions, such as museums and tours, to gain awareness. These businesses understand the challenge of reaching the necessary audience, as they can be anywhere in the world. These videos allow you to successfully target individuals who are planning to visit your city and bring your business to their attention.


Using Tourism Videos in Promotion

Tourism videos are great assets that can be used across digital mediums. A website is often one of the most essential elements that tourism businesses can utilize. By including these videos on your website, you are not only increasing the amount of time people spend on your site, but also providing them key information that they will use during their travel preparations.

Your tourism videos are also a great social media tool. On Facebook, video posts perform the best by far.  Similarly, on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, videos consistently have greater engagement rates and are more likely to be seen on “discover” pages by people who don’t follow you – yet. 

Frozen Fire Films has experience working with This IS Idaho Springs to create rich video content for the town and its businesses, activities, and events. Learn more about how our tourism videos can help you grow your business and expand your reach.

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