September 24th, 2018

Apples to Apples: Comparing Proposals

When you made the decision to pursue a video project, you probably reached out to a handful of companies to ensure you have plenty of choices. This is the responsible approach to choosing your video partner, but it can be overwhelming when the proposals start rolling in likely at all different price points and project scopes. Have no fear, Frozen Fire is here to help you navigate these waters and determine where the price disparities come from and start comparing proposals.

The Initial Conversation

When you first reach out to Frozen Fire, it is our goal to get on a call with you as quickly as possible to learn a little more about your project. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or you just know you need a video, we are here to ask the right questions to ensure your vision is realized. Other companies may not find out details regarding your project before sending you a quote while others may ask as many questions as we do but the conversation will play out differently. Therefore, the budget will differ.

Every approach is different in the early stages, the therefore creative execution of your project will be different. Consequently, proposals will vary depending on each company’s understanding of your needs.

The Proposal

After we have had a chance to pick your brain about your video, we will create a proposal that outlines everything we will provide you in the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. We will make sure to walk you through the process step by step and ensure you understand the expectations as we move forward.

When we put this proposal together, we are using our years of experience to recommend how this video will be the best it can be and what experts and equipment are required to achieve your goals.

The Price

At the end of the day, your bottom line matters. Most likely, this is the main question you need answered – How much is this going to cost me? Naturally, this proposal will include the price of the video from start to finish. This gives you a good picture of the process, and there will be no surprise fees hidden in the fine print. Unless the scope of work drastically changes from our agreed upon proposal, the price will remain the same all the way through receiving the final deliverables.

Video production can be a big investment, and there may be a little sticker shock if you are new to the video production process. In addition, these numbers will likely raise many questions about the differences of the proposals you are receiving.

Comparing Proposals

Here is where the confusion comes in. You may have five proposals in front of you ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. As with any project, there is a confusion on where the large disparity comes in.

For example, if you were to ask four different home builders to give you a quote on what a house would cost you, the prices are going to vary depending on how the home builder interprets your needs. You told them four bedrooms, but how big are the bedrooms? You asked for wood floors, but do you want genuine oak or will laminate do the job just fine?

While there may be some temptation to pick the most inexpensive proposal, we encourage you to take a step back and ensure you are comparing proposals, and more importantly scope of work, apples to apples.

Remember that initial conversation? This is where we pull all of the information out of you and decide what will help our team and your team be successful in this project. While one company may think you only need one camera, another could recommend two. One vendor believes a studio is necessary but another determines shooting at your office is best. The interpretation of your vision will play a huge factor in the cost. Which vision makes the most sense to you? We will be happy to explain our reasoning!

A Helping Hand

So, if you’re feeling a little lost and drowning in proposals use us as a resource to make the most educated decision possible! While we want to be your vendor in this project, our main goal is for you to find a partner that works well for your budget and is an excellent fit for your needs.



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