August 11th, 2021

B-Roll Videos

If you want a video for your business, but don’t want to sit down for an on-camera interview or hire a voiceover actor, this is the perfect video style for you. Our b-roll based videos utilize footage, graphics and music to tell your brand’s story. Check out these examples of b-roll videos that we have created for our clients:

Ready to start creating your own brand video production? Keep reading to see what you can expect from the very first step, to creating your customized proposal, and finally, post-production. Looking for something a little different? Check out the other video categories that we offer!

Pre-Production – The Preparation Stage

So, you’ve decided that you want to create some b-roll videos for your business, you’ve inquired with Frozen Fire, but now what? After reaching out to us and letting us know you’re interested in learning more about our services, we will set up a call to hear more about what you’re looking for. We use this initial conversation as a way to cover a few factors that will determine your proposal’s final budget.

Here are a few key points for b-roll footage videos that we will go over during our phone call:

  • Equipment – What types of equipment are needed? Do you need any specialty items such as drones or gimbal, etc.?
  • Location- Do you have a location in mind? Do you need help finding a location?
  • Talent- Do you need help finding actors?
  • Graphics – What kind of graphics are you looking for? Do we need to purchase stock footage?
  • Production time – How long/how many days are needed to capture the necessary locations and footage?
  • Deliverable – What is the desired length of the final video? Are there any other edits in mind? Do you have any example b-roll videos you like?

We use all of this information to create your customized proposal, and then send it to you for review. We also always try to have another conversation where we walk you through your proposal, step-by-step!

Once you accept, we can determine the shoot date, time and location, and we can move into the next stage – brand video production! 

Production – Ready and…Action!

Here’s what you can expect on the filming day(s):

  • Our team will arrive at the agreed-upon location to unload and set up our equipment.
  • Before the shoot, we will send a ‘call time sheet’ which will lay out our filming schedule.
  • Once we are all set up, we will begin the brand video production of your b-roll videos!

Post-Production – Editing the Final Product

Because this video utilizes graphics to tell a story instead of interviews or a narrator, our in-house editors will spend time creating these custom graphics for you. Once we have a draft ready, we will send the video over for your approval. We are also always happy to work with you if something didn’t come out quite as you had imagined it!

We value long-term partnerships, which means that our communication doesn’t have to end after the b-roll videos are complete. Do you need help marketing your video? Our full-service digital marketing agency has all of the tools and experience necessary to properly promote your new video. Figuring out the best way to reach your target audience can be tricky, but luckily we are here to help! Find out more about our digital marketing services and contact us for a quote!





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