July 23rd, 2021

Types of Production Companies in Dallas

If you’re interested in using a video production company in the DFW area, it’s essential to narrow your focus based on the specific type of production you are looking for. For example, selecting a company that specializes in feature films may not be the best choice for your company’s corporate video project. The following are different types of production companies in Dallas to assist in your search for the perfect partner:

Feature Films

If you are looking to create a short or long feature film, we recommend finding a company that specializes in specifically creative filmmaking. It is crucial to have a director experienced in the creative filmmaking process to help you achieve your vision. Additionally, feature films often require special effects, actors, sets, and props, which you will likely find more readily available with one of the feature film production companies in Dallas.

Music Videos

Similar to feature films, music videos also need a production company that has experience with and specializes in music videos. There are many aspects of music video production that is important to take into account when looking at different production companies in Dallas such as storyline, production scheduling and logistics for multiple locations, extra background talent and more. Check out some of the lyric videos and music videos that Frozen Fire has produced!


Are you looking to create a reality TV show? This type of video work is much different from the feature film and music videos mentioned above. Before you go into reality TV production, you need an expert to help you with creating a script, pulling the story out of the talent, scouting out locations, balancing the reality shots vs staged shots, pitching to networks and more. Once a client has determined the above items and works with a partner who understands the day-to-day changes of reality TV, a company like Frozen Fire can help capture the footage and edit the final episode together.

Corporate Films

Corporate video production requires a much different skillset than the projects previously listed. Corporate videos are essential to any brand and need to be professionally filmed to effectively tell the company’s story. As communicating with customers, clients and employees through video becomes increasingly popular, it is undeniable that video is important from an advertising and marketing standpoint. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best production company to create your corporate video and make sure it tells your brand’s story.

A great corporate video tells an impactful story by combining B-roll, interviews with management, photos, and testimonials with appropriate background music and graphics. Check out this corporate video that Frozen Fire filmed and produced for Valesco.

At Frozen Fire, we are one of the top corporate production companies in Dallas. We have developed an expertise in corporate videos, as we have worked with a wide variety of clients, including businesses of varying sizes and industries. Our process ensures our clients get found online, then utilizes video and other messaging channels to help our clients stand out among competitors. We make sure you’re involved every step of the way to achieve the exact messaging you desire. Check out our recent work and testimonial videos to see why we are the best video production company in Dallas!




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