July 23rd, 2021

How to Get the Most Out of Testimonial Video Production

Are you considering producing testimonial videos for your business or organization? You absolutely should! Testimonial videos are an excellent way for your clients or customers to speak about their positive experiences with your brand, product, or service. Their authenticity can be a powerful tool to upgrade your digital presence and drive sales. But before you begin your testimonial video production, it’s essential to plan ahead so you can get the most out of your video shoot. Here’s how:

Invest in Video Experts

While you might want to cut costs and try to figure out video production on your own, it’s not recommended if you want a professional-quality video that you can use for years to come. Instead, it’s crucial to invest in a video production company like Frozen Fire to make your testimonial video production stress-free and produce fantastic results. At Frozen Fire, we have professional equipment to make high-quality videos, as well as the expertise and experience to help your interviewees feel comfortable.

Prepare Questions in Advance

Testimonial videos need to be informative but relaxed. The most successful testimonial videos are when a customer explains their satisfaction in their own words. Still, you shouldn’t just stick them in front of a camera without guidance. It’s essential to prepare an outline of questions that will lead you to the best answers, such as, ‘How were you first introduced to this business?’ and ‘Tell us about how this business has impacted your life.’

It’s also important to hold a call with your interviewee before the shoot to let them know what to expect during the testimonial video production. Also, be sure to send them the interview questions in advance, so they have some time to think about their responses and give you quality answers.

Set Up For Success 

Lastly, it’s important to secure a filming location for your testimonial video. Often, a client’s business works best to capture b-roll, which provides context to the video. To ensure that the lighting and background at the location look perfect, it’s important to scout the location to nail down the background and lighting prior to the shoot.

After your testimonial footage is filmed at the desired location, the next step is editing everything together to create a cohesive story. It’s important to take key soundbites from the testimonials and weave them together to create a message that is on brand. A testimonial video production company will take the footage, edit bits and pieces of the best answers together, and add background music and graphics to turn your vision into a reality!

In the testimonial videos below, you can see how clips are pieced together to create a quick and effective overview of the business’ services! These are great examples of how all of the steps of creating a testimonial video come together.

If you’re interested in hiring Frozen Fire for your next testimonial video, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! To see what we can do, check out our work and our own testimonial videos.




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