August 11th, 2021

The Graphic Video Production Process

Every business has a different vision for the message that they are trying to convey. If you are interested in showcasing your product or service and capabilities through a graphics-based or explainer video, then this is the perfect brand video production solution for you!

Check out these graphics video examples that we created for our clients:

Is this similar to what you’re looking for? Keep reading to see what you can expect through the graphic video production process! If you’re looking for something a little different, make sure to check out the other types of videos that we offer.

Pre-Production – The First Step

So, you know you want a graphics video. But, you might be wondering, what are the next steps, and how much does a video like this cost? During the pre-production stage, we will answer all of these questions for you!

After inquiring about our services, we will meet with you to discuss some of the different factors that will determine the final cost of your graphic video production.

Some of these factors for graphics videos include:

  • Creative vision – What kind of graphics are you looking for? Do you have a direction in mind, or do you need help from our team of experts?
  • Script – Do you need help creating a script for the voiceover?
  • Talent – Do you need help finding a voiceover actor?
  • Video length – How long do you want the video to be?

After going over all of the above, we will have a better understanding of your needs for this project, and we can put together your customized proposal. We will then set up another call to walk you through your proposal step-by-step.

Finally, we can move into the next step of the graphic video production process!

Graphic Video Production Process

Because this video option doesn’t require us to shoot any new footage, the production process for graphics videos looks a little different. We can utilize client-provided footage, stock footage, repurpose old footage, and create our own graphics!

We will start with a “look and feel” to get your buy-in on the visual direction before we move forward with the full storyboard. Once we agree on the direction of the graphics, we will complete a full storyboard for the video.

Regarding the script and voiceover, Frozen Fire has partnerships in place with a variety of voiceover actors and will be able to send you samples to choose from ahead of recording. Once the script is finalized, Frozen Fire will coordinate the voiceover recording session to use in the edit, so you can leave the rest of the graphic video production to us!

Post-Production – Telling the Story

Post-production for graphics videos mainly consists of our in-house motion graphics editors animating your graphics, then piecing them together with the narrative to tell a story. After all of this is finished, we submit the video for your approval.

We value long-term partnerships, which means that our communication doesn’t have to end after the graphic video production is complete. Do you need help marketing your video? Our full-service digital marketing agency has all of the tools and experience necessary to properly promote your new video. Figuring out the best way to reach your target audience can be tricky, but our marketing professionals are here to help. Find out more about our digital marketing services and contact us for a quote!



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