June 27th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Answers: How Many Cameras Should I Have At My Event?

Event videography is becoming more and more popular, partly due to the high demand for video content. It is a great way for businesses and organizations to incorporate video into their websites. A lot of time and effort goes into planning an event and capturing it with the help of a top-notch video production company is great for future improvements. It’s also fun for the attendees to see themselves in the video.

What is the Purpose of an Event Video?

There are many reasons for an event video; here at Frozen Fire, our experience as a video production company with event videos have gone hand in hand with our clients’ online presences. A company’s event video should reflect its core values and be a tool for future employees. More often than not, a company’s event will include training for new hires or just a little tune up for veteran employees.

Event videos can also be produced for non-training use. The video can be used for promotional purposes. Let’s say a band is coming to the House of Blues in Dallas, their promotion manager may hire a local production company to come film the event and create a quick thirty second or one minute video to use on their social media outlets.

How Many Cameras Do I Need?

The size of the event determines the amount of cameras to budget for. Frozen Fire’s rule of thumb is to have a minimum of two cameras at an event. A camera operator can only focus on one subject at a time, so it is very difficult for a single camera operator to capture everything necessary at an event. A lot of times, great shot opportunities are missed with single camera setups. However, you could have too many cameras and use up your budget quickly. Too many cameras isn’t as bad as not having enough, but if not planned properly, you can run into having repetitive shots and an overly extended edit time (which also adds to the budget).

What is the Basic Two Camera Setup?

In this case, one camera focuses on the stage or where the action is happening and the other camera focuses on getting b-roll or crowd reactions. Another thing that the b-roll camera captures is the view from the audience; this usually entails creative shots from behind an audience member looking up at the stage or someone taking notes.

Something that many event videos don’t display is when the attendees enter the event. Frozen Fire loves to capture this part of events because many times people haven’t seen each other since the last event and they will tend to hug each other and catch up. This is prime b-roll because it creates an emotional connection with the video viewer.

A two-camera video production company shoot is a good base to have for a couple of reasons.

1. Two cameras give the editor plenty to work with, but not so much that they are wasting time sorting through excess footage. Being able to cut between two cameras helps keep the edit flowing smoothly and keeps it interesting.

2. Two cameras will also help ensure that you can capture the event in case one camera malfunctions. If you only have one camera and it goes down, you’ll miss out on important things while trying to repair it or you could miss the rest of the event if you can’t get it back up and running again.

Frozen Fire is an expert event video production company and can help you plan for your next event. Contact us to get started.

By: Mindi Long

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