April 15th, 2013

How to Prepare for Shooting a Multi-Day Event with Still Photography

Recently, Frozen Fire provided still photography and video for a week-long shoot, also editing comprehensive videos throughout the event. Efficiency and flexibility are vital for successfully shooting a multi-day event. Demonstration of these skills is shown through careful equipment choice, a receptive attitude and a small (but capable) support team.

Careful Equipment Choice

Equipment choice varies greatly from event to event. Some programs call for lots of stationary equipment, and others require light-weight, minimalistic equipment. Frozen Fire’s recent shoot required easy movement between shooting locations, instantaneous switches from video to still photography and the ability to alter the setup with short notice. To accomplish these requirements, Frozen Fire selected 2 DSLRs (a 5D Mark II and a T3i), a sturdy Manfrotto tripod and the 561BHDV Manfrotto Monopod. In the world of video production, the advantages of a great monopod are often overlooked. While you never want to walk away from a camera on a monopod, there are several options which are sturdy enough to provide stabilization for light-weight cameras like DSLRs.  The 561BHDV offers excellent support, the ability to pan and tilt and a height adjustment between 3 and 7 feet. Best of all, the monopod only weighs a couple of pounds, making it an ideal solution for shooting on-the-go.

Demonstrating a Receptive Attitude

Conferences and events are stressful to arrange and implement, so a receptive attitude is a requirement for customer satisfaction. Always approach an event knowing that plans will change and be ready to capture still photography of impromptu moments. Have a plan in place to capture additional shots that the event coordinator may not have thought of. Also make sure that you are ready to pick up

and move at a moment’s notice, in case you are called away to capture something new. It is also important to discuss shooting boundaries and location limitations ahead of time.  Ask if the client is willing to have you get on stage to film or shoot stills. Being on stage during award ceremonies allows you a greater freedom to choose your shot, however, this can be considered distracting by attendees, so make sure you are given the okay before you climb up. Many event locations have photo and video restrictions. Make sure that you have a location contact that you can call on if you are approached by a building employee. You want to leave a great impression with the location as well as your client!

Small Support Team

Events run for many hours, which means you can save hours in post production by including a reliable Production Assistant/Assistant Editor in your on-site team. These assistants run additional equipment, prep for upcoming shots and transfer and log footage in the field. Keeping your crew down to a minimum is always appreciated by clients and allows for ease of communication and travel during the event. That being said, it is important to make sure that you don’t shortchange yourself.  There is a big difference between busy and behind on a shoot!

Why are Event Videos so Popular?

More and more companies are including video production, as an aspect of their internal events and conferences. Why the surge in popularity? Videos and photos are excellent documentation. They display, not only what took place, but the mood and look of the events. A well produced video can leave employees feeling great about their participation and can be utilized for future promotion and internal moral boosting programs. Award winners have a greater feeling of recognition when photos and video are taken of their ceremony and with the rise in social media, the still photography and video can be utilized to enhance the online reputation of the company. No two events are alike, so Frozen Fire is constantly adapting our strategies for each new event, bookmark our blog to continue your learning process!



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