February 18th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Offers 5 Tips for Creating Corporate Brand Videos

Why Does My Business Need Corporate Brand Videos? 

A brand video gives your potential and current customers a visual representation of your brand. By creating well-produced corporate brand videos, your brand’s target audience has the opportunity to engage more deeply. In the digital age, companies need video content to be an experiential expression of their brands.

View a sample brand video Frozen Fire recently completed for Metroplex Foot and Ankle.

Dallas Video Production Company Offers 5 Tips for Creating Corporate Brand Videos

  1. Pre-production is key.

    Make sure that everyone involved in producing the video has a clear understanding of the brand strategy. Once the producer has a clear understanding of what the brand is then he/she can convey that to the rest of the team. The production company needs to know what the company wants to accomplish with the video and if there are specific goals that need to be accomplished.

  2. Hiring the right crew.

    When you hire someone to produce your company’s brand video, you need to feel confident that they have the skills to get the job done and meet your expectations. Do your research on the production company. Ask questions so that you feel comfortable and that you have a clear understanding of what to expect during production. Take a look at their own brand video and see what they can do, and ask to see other brand videos they have done in the past.

  3. Elements of the video.

    The production company should create a shot list that compiles a list of shots that they feel is important to show, take that list and review it. Another element to the video that is important is the graphics. Identify what graphics need to be in the video and make sure that your brand is clearly labeled in the video. This includes color schemes, logos, copy, icons and any other graphical elements.

  4. Where will the video live?

    This needs to be determined so that proper measures can be taken during the post-production export of the video as well as for SEO purposes. For post production, having the correct format will ensure that viewing is smooth and easy for the viewer. Also, an export for broadcast and web are different, so while making the graphics for the video the editor will need to know the limitations of where to place the graphics.

  5. Metrics.

    How will the effectiveness of the video be measured? How will you know if you are generating business from the video? Not all productions incorporate metrics in their corporate offerings; however, this is an important component to video content marketing. Be sure to work with a company that will stay the course from conceptualizing to measuring results.

By Mindi Long

Does your company need a brand video to help engage your online audience? Contact us Frozen Fire and let our team of professionals help your brand engage in the social space.

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