February 20th, 2014

Does your company struggle to find and attract great employees? Consider a recruitment video!

Company Website and Company Culture

Now more than ever before, potential employees research a company online before applying for a job. What does your company’s website reveal about its culture and services to these potential employment candidates?

Optimize Your Website’s Online Presence

A company’s website should accurately convey its brand and reveal to potential employees the culture of the company. The website should market key products and services as well as its commitment to the employees and customers. One very effective way to do this is through employee recruitment videos placed directly on the website and other social media sites where your company has a presence. This creates an online experience that engages the prospective employee and lets him or her know what a great company culture you have as well as the type of employee that flourishes within your organization. With the right recruiting video, your company can market itself to potential employees, generating interest from the right candidates.

Apple’s Employee Recruitment Video

Apple has an employee recruitment video that it uses to convey to potential employees what the company culture is like as well as the company’s expectations of its employees. Within this video, several Apple employees speak about what makes the company the only place they would want to work. The employees describe the common characteristics of Apple employees. These include the ability to collaborate and trust fellow employees, being the best in your field with the desire to learn more and never settling for anything less than the best. At Apple, it is imperative that its employees are detail-oriented problem solvers that are committed to excellence in an ever-changing world that requires great flexibility. The prevailing and overall attitude of the Apple employees is that they are so thankful for the opportunity they have been given to be a part of something so meaningful that changes the world.

Stand Out with Employee Recruitment Videos

A company has the unique opportunity to tell its potential employees what makes it stand above the rest. A recruiting video allows the company to give the employment candidates an idea of what the company is all about while at the same time letting them see if they would be the right fit for the organization.

By Mindi Long

Consider recruitment videos to help attract new employees

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