February 9th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Offers 5 Tips for Sharing Corporate Videos

Why Should My Business Share Our Video? 

Recently Facebook celebrated its 10 years of existence. They celebrated by making a recap video of all of their users who shared a certain amount of content. The video consisted of the users’ most popular posts and photos as well as a few other highlights. Facebook knows the power of sharing corporate videos, and knew this would be a huge hit — not to mention it was a fun video to watch.

A shareable video can be a valuable tool in this digital age and for a business it has become a must-have. To really engage your audience or potential buyer you need a fun and entertaining video.

One of your goals should be to connect to your audience on a personal level and what better way to get to that level than appearing on their social media sites that they look at everyday and multiple times a day. 

Dallas Video Production Company Offers 5 Tips for Sharing Corporate Videos

1. Sharing corporate videos on your company website.

Having video content on your website is great for search engines. Most websites today have some kind of video, and if you don’t then, you may be overlooked by Google and the other search engines. Including video on your site will also increase engagement, and streaming from YouTube enhances your site’s SEO.

2. Share your video on Facebook.

If your business does not have a Facebook page then you are behind, and you need to create an account quick! The most common activity for Facebook has been sharing photos, but now the trend is sharing video. Don’t just upload any video. Make it have purpose and meaning to the viewer. Uploading a lengthy video can cause you to lose your audience’s attention. Edit down your full version corporate video to about 60 seconds. Make sure to state the purpose of the video right away. The next thing you need to do is make sure that you have tabs installed on your Facebook page that will direct viewers to your YouTube page.

3. Share your video on YouTube.

Hosting your video on YouTube is a no-brainer. Not only is it the most viewed video site, but it is the second largest search engine. Over 94 percent of video marketers use YouTube.

4. Sharing corporate videos on Vimeo.

Think of Vimeo as the community of professionals and artists. Vimeo’s platform is tailored towards professionals, and the viewers are people who are serious about what you have to offer. There aren’t any ads to filter through, which is a bonus for the viewer.

5. Share your video on LinkedIn.

Having a video on your companies LinkedIn page will boost your boring resume-looking profile. Having a strong profile will help you generate more leads through your engaging video. When you send an invite to connect with someone, they will be more inclined to accept when they see your video. Like Vimeo, LinkedIn is for professionals who are searching for serious people who can help them improve their business. Having customer testimonials and short demonstration videos will grab viewer’s attention and intrigue them to look for more information about you.

By Mindi Long

Are you in need of a corporate video? Frozen Fire can help you create and share your video to improve your business. Contact us today!

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