September 6th, 2019

Benefits of Working with a Content Marketing Agency

Working with a content marketing agency creates a positive impact on your business in many ways. By curating quality content through professional blogs and social media posts, brands can increase their reach and improve recognition. While these are great options that brands should consider incorporating, there is another key content marketing element that will make your online presence shine even brighter:

Video content

Frozen Fire Films is a video content marketing agency that can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Below are a few of the major benefits your company will see after successfully incorporating video content into your marketing strategy.

Increase Interaction

While traditional written content is still used in modern marketing efforts, it’s no secret that eye-catching video content is the key to capturing the attention of your target audience. Your audience is likely to interact with your brand longer through video content rather than traditional written content. Viewers are also much more likely to remember call to actions after watching a video rather than reading it in text format. This increased interaction with your brand through videos is a great way to spark interest and generate excitement about your products or services.

Promote Visual Learning

If your company offers a product or service that is difficult to concisely explain with words, video content could be the perfect tool for your brand to utilize. Video is the ideal medium for consolidating complicated ideas into easily digestible demonstrations or explanations. According to this study, which surveyed marketing professionals and online consumers, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a brand’s product or service. Rather than having your audience read confusing brochures or text-heavy marketing materials, demo and explanation videos can help visual learners better understand your company and what it has to offer.

Build Trust

When creating videos for your brand, featuring your employees is an outstanding way to build confidence in your business. While your audience may be able to find out some information about your company online, offering a face to represent your company in a video successfully builds trust. If your audience can visualize the real people behind the quality content that your business promotes, you will in turn boost the confidence they have in your brand.

Deciding to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy can greatly benefit your business as you continue to build a lasting relationship with your audience. Working with a content marketing agency such as Frozen Fire Films puts your company in the hands of experts who can steer your video marketing strategy in the right direction.

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