September 6th, 2019

Creating Engaging Video: 5 Tips and Tricks from a Digital Marketing Firm

In today’s content-creation culture, it seems like an attentive video audience is hard to come by. Between the short attention span of internet users and saturation of video platforms, it’s hard to imagine that your videos are capable of success.

At Frozen Fire, however, we believe that the key to an engaged audience isn’t reliant on who is watching, but rather on the content of the video itself. Our video production experience has allowed us to become experts at crafting videos that clearly and successfully share our clients’ stories in an engaging way that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Here are some of our best tips and tricks that we’ve gathered throughout the years that will ensure you are producing engaging video every time you tackle a project.

engaging video

#1: Hook Your Audience

In the video creation process, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the short attention span of the average consumer. It’s an obstacle that every content creator faces and has to be taken into consideration when approaching a project.  

This fact of modern day communication is why it’s so important to employ engaging video content within the first few seconds of your project. Whether it’s a captivating visual, the promise of a solution to a problem, or a statement that sparks curiosity in the minds of your viewers, it’s vital that you kick off your video with a hook that highlights the story you want to tell.  

Additionally, footage that enforces authenticity can go a long way in the creation of the initial link between viewers and your content. Establishing a narrative based on human connection is a surefire way to keep viewers watching past those initial few seconds.

#2: Mix it Up

One of Frozen Fire’s go-to techniques for crafting an engaging video is variation of content.  A video that consists of four minutes of only interview footage is likely to quickly lose viewer interest. Implementing a variety of visuals, however, gives viewers more to look at and makes them far more likely to stick around!

The use of b-roll, for example, is an incredibly successful way to visually supplement your script and cut up otherwise static content. Intercutting footage of what’s being discussed allows viewers to make easy, visual connections. Watch the video below for a great example of this technique.  

Gas Monkey

You could also spice things up with text overlays, motion graphics, or text animations. These all serve to keep your viewers captivated by your content. Check out the example below:

Buffalo Range

#3: Emphasize with Audio

As previously mentioned, audio from interviews, testimonials, and voice-over recordings are all effective ways to add variety to your videos and strengthen your messaging efforts.

With this in mind, there are many ways you can utilize music, as well, to increase audience engagement.

When it comes to the track of an engaging video, it’s important to consider that the final choice should accentuate the desired tone of your message. Tempo, genre, and mood all play a role in the way your final product will feel, as well as the way in which your message is delivered. The song used should ultimately drive your video forward, working in collaboration with your visuals to maintain your audience’s attention.

Song selection isn’t the only thing that matters in the audio department. The volume of the track (is it at a static, background level or does it vary for emphasis?) and the manner in which it’s utilized (is it background noise or the backbone of the structure of the video?) are important elements to consider. Opinions on minor elements like these can make big differences and have the potential to be that little something extra as you create your engaging video.    

#4: Consistency = Credibility

During the video creation process, taking a few specific technical steps will establish your video as a credible source. Plus, it will keep viewers invested in the information you’re offering. Consistent elements create successful, engaging videos that tell your viewers you are a professional and establish trust in your company.

Essentially, when it comes to post-production, Frozen Fire recommends setting guidelines for your video that will create a cohesive end product. Limiting the final product to 2 or 3 fonts, on-brand colors and color-corrected footage ensures that your video looks cohesive and flows well together. A consistent end product will set your video (and your message) apart from the rest.  

#5: Know Your Resources

There’s a lot that goes into producing an engaging video, and the process can often be overwhelming. If you’re looking to create a high-quality video for your brand without the stress, Frozen Fire is more than ready to step in and lend a helping hand. We’re always available to help you navigate the complex world of video marketing and would love to discuss how we can partner to elevate your brand! Call us at 214-745-3456 or shoot us an email at proposals@frozenfire.com to discuss your video needs and determine if we are the right partner for you and your business.

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