May 20th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Provides Professional Headshot Tips

Professional Headshot Tips

Frozen Fire Films offers their professional headshot tips.

Where Do I Start When I Need a Headshot?

What is a headshot first of all? A headshot is a photograph of you from about your chest area and up. Headshots should not be full-length portraits of your body, otherwise they would be called… full body shots. The primary focus of this photograph is your face and expression. Headshots are used for many different reasons like: your LinkedIn profile, your personal or business Facebook page and acting. Whatever the use of the headshot, the expression on your face should look natural and reflect you.

If you have never had a professional headshot taken, look around on Google for a few minutes to get some ideas of what they look like. Another place to look is Pinterest, there you can find a good variety of different styles to look at and get some ideas. Make sure you keep track of your favorites.

Your next step is to find a photographer who has experience in taking headshots.  An experienced headshot photographer will save you time and give you a good run down on what to expect. Once you have found a photographer, ask questions. A big question that many people forget to ask is ‘what do I get?’. A lot of people assume that the photographer will print the photos for them. That’s not always the case. Some photographers prefer to just take the photos, edit them, and then deliver the finals to the client. If your budget allows, having a make-up artist will also enhance your photo. Make-up artists have the skills to make your face as smooth and flawless as possible, everyday make-up sometimes does not view well on high definition cameras.

Where Should I Take the Headshot?

Natural light is your, as well as your photographer’s, best friend. There are a couple of options for using natural light. These professional headshot tips will help you choose where to shoot.

Option 1: Take the photos outside with nice scenery. However, don’t spend too much time finding the perfect place because the background will be out of focus and you don’t want it to distract from your face. Time of day is a big factor when taking outside photos. The best time is early morning right after sunrise or late evening just before sunset. This time is known as “Golden Hour” because the golden rays of the setting and rising sun are not as harsh and the shadows provide nice ambient, even lighting.

Option 2: If you’re inside, stand near a window. The time of day doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as you don’t stand near a window where the sun is shining directly in. Windows provide a little bit of diffusion, which turns out nicely on the skin.You can also take photos in the photographer’s studio (providing they have one), or use their studio-like setup.You will need to choose what background you prefer. The three main options are usually: white, a darker color like grey or brown, and black. White backgrounds are usually used for corporate profiles. Darker colors can be used for more artistic styles and fun shots.

Having a professional headshot is very important. Contact Frozen Fire for your next headshot photo shoot. We will give you a photo that you can be proud of and show off!

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