March 5th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Offers Corporate Video Content Tips

How to Choose the Best Corporate Video Content Strategy

There are many components of creating corporate video content and one of the main components is the messaging. The message of the video needs to be impactful enough to connect with the viewer. If not, then the video is not as effective as it should be. Connecting on a personal or emotional level with the viewer is critical to creating an actionable response from the viewer.

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Dallas Video Production Company Offers Tips on Video Messaging

  1. What is the emotional response you want viewers to experience?

    The goal of the video is to encourage the viewer to take some kind of action, whether that be buying your products or services or even simply sharing your video. Another thing to think about is why do your customers buy into your products or services? If you know the “why,” then you can connect with them even more.

  2. How will the message of the video connect with the viewer on a personal level?

    Sometimes this can be done by showing a testimonial. If you have a customer that you have helped transform their business or lives, then you know that there are others out there that you can help.

  3. What messages are you trying to communicate in the video?

    First of all, all the messages should have a positive tone to them. Secondly, what do you want the viewer to do? The message should have a call-to-action. Make them feel that if they do not contact you then they are missing out.

  4. Are you trying to sell your company or your company’s product/services?

    Stating the difference is crucial. For a brand video, you want to sell your company on why they are fit for the bill. Give a general example of what your business offers. If you are selling a specific product or service then you want to be a little bit more specific on that particular item. Give a call-to-action of purchasing that particular item.

  5. Make sure the details of the message are aligned with your brand.

    Depending on the type of video, stating what your brand stands for is important. Don’t say something that you cant do, and don’t promise something that you can’t deliver. Be authentic!

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By Mindi Long

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