July 23rd, 2021

Video Production Pricing: Understand the Cost

Every great project starts with an idea. Sometimes that idea can be a challenge to create for one reason, cost. Don’t let cost be the reason you stop production! Instead, find a company that offers transparent video production pricing. At Frozen Fire, we make it easy to put an estimate together that determines a budget to meet your video needs.

There are several factors we consider for pricing. It is important to know how these change the cost of your production and where you can save money! Keep reading to understand how we break down a project to determine a project estimate.

Video Production Pricing: The Breakdown

In order to begin development, we break our process down into three stages. Here are some of the general, basic questions we ask to determine video production pricing.

Pre-Production: Before the Shoot

These questions help us determine the creative vision of your project and act as a starting point for building a video.

  • What would you like your video to accomplish?
  • How do you envision the story of your video?
    • Scripted

    • Interview-Based

    • Voice-Over with Graphics

    • Voice-Over with B-roll

    • Overview with Music

  • When would you like this project to be completed?
  • What is the target duration of your end product?
  • Do you want to film at your business or rent a location to film at, such as a studio space?
  • Are we working with your employees on-camera or do we need to hire professional talent?
  • Are you wanting to use a green screen, teleprompter or any other type of special equipment?

Production: The Shoot

These questions will help us determine what is needed on shoot day in order to achieve your vision.

  • What are you wanting to capture?
  • How many locations will we be attending and what will we plan to capture at each location? This will help us determine the set-up, as well as how many camera ops and audio techs are needed.
  • What is your creative vision and expectation? This will help us determine the camera equipment, lighting, sound equipment, etc. that we will need to bring.

Post-Production: After the Shoot

Depending on the type of project, we may only need post-production. This encompasses all editing and designing to create a polished deliverable.

  • What types of graphics do you want to see incorporated into your video?
    • Intro and outro

    • Lower Thirds

    • Basic Graphics

    • Advanced Graphics

  • Do we need to purchase stock footage/photography in addition to or in place of shooting to fill any areas of the script visually?
  • What kind of music do you think will best support the tone of the video?

All of these questions are essential to our video production process. This video production pricing helps us deliver the best products possible, whatever your budget.

Frozen Fire aims to turn ideas into deliverables that produce results. We know that each project is unique and that one size does not fit all. Interested in learning more about what our video production pricing would look like for your production needs? Contact us today and watch your vision come to life!



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