August 8th, 2018

Why Video Messaging Is Crucial To Achieving Your Goals

Beautifully planned shots, gorgeous lighting, and perfect audio are things that we are confident in our ability to achieve, but to us, they are far from the most important elements when creating a successful video that will last. At Frozen Fire, our claim to fame is our ability to help tell your story with effective, consistent, and clear video messaging.



When a new client comes to us with video production needs, the first question we want to ask is, “What is the point?” In less blunt terms, what is the purpose in creating this video? The answer to this question determines what approach will make your video the most successful and ultimately achieve the most effective messaging.

Don’t forget to ask yourself, what action do I want my audience to take after watching this video? Make sure this call to action is clear in your video.



Another reason we center our video creation around messaging is because we want the viewers to buy into your service, product value, or company culture. Whether your goal is to get people to your website to fill out a form, try out your product, or encourage someone to volunteer, Frozen Fire wants the next step once the video is played out to be crystal clear.

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought to yourself, “what was that even about?” Maybe you go online to find out, but most likely you shrug your shoulders and watch the next ad play. We can help you be creative, artistic, different, and still ensure the viewer knows exactly what to do next.

However, it isn’t enough to be clear in a video. Customers find companies in a variety of ways; social media, website, YouTube; no matter the channel, your messaging should all tie together.



When you are looking at different vendors for your video messaging project, you will see so many talented people and companies that will no doubt create a beautiful video for you. Although that is a part of our process, what we want to do is help you find your voice.

When someone sees the video we partner with you to create, it is our goal that they understand who you are and that the video accomplished the goal you have set. If a viewer decides to visit your website, office, social media channels, or gets on a call with you, we want the messaging to be consistent across all platforms so there is no confusion about your brand. Contradictory messaging is one of the quickest ways to lose customer confidence.

You need a video partner that understands your message, your brand, and the goals you have set for your video.



Do you know what sparked the marketing side of Frozen Fire? Back in 2012, we created a video for a client of ours and told their story so well, they trusted us to build a website for them and take over their web presence. They knew that we got it. What is more important than making your vision come to life than for your video partner to understand the what you are trying to say? The best way to bring your vision to life is to find a team that understands your vision for your company and its future.

Call us today and let us help you find your voice. We can’t wait to get started!



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