October 24th, 2013

How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel

In the past it was difficult to use YouTube as a business tool, but today, businesses have started to see new opportunities. One opportunity is the ability to create branded YouTube channels through the new One Channel. One Channel enables your branding to work across multiple devices and show off more of your content so fans will engage at a deeper level. Keep reading to learn how to build a successful YouTube channel.

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Branded YouTube Channel?

 Owned by Google, YouTube’s reach is remarkable. YouTube statistics report more than 1 billion unique users to their website and over 6 billion hours of video viewed each month (that’s almost an hour for every person on the planet). A study completed by Nielsen reports that YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18 to 34 than any cable network. After reviewing these statistics, it’s easy to see where your potential target audience is. Viral videos are beginning to suggest that the game has changed on YouTube, moving in a more professional direction. Eight out of 10 videos that went viral on YouTube in 2012 were professionally produced. The YouTube audience has matured significantly in the past several years, and with that comes a need for producing content in a professional manner.

Create a Strategy for How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel

  •  Don’t be concerned with acquiring thousands of likes and subscribers right away. Take your time to test, gather insights, and see what works for your brand. Unlike your website and other marketing collateral, your YouTube channel can be changed, tweaked, and optimized without a huge investment of time and money.
  •  Consider the needs and goals of your various target audiences and keep reminding yourself that web video is a distinct medium. Also think about your marketing objectives and brand strategy. Will you be using your branded YouTube channel to attract prospects, provide customer support, or to just build awareness? There’s not always a “one size fits all” content that will accomplish all three of these objectives.
  •  Strongly consider outsourcing! Uploading content, coming up with titles, adding descriptions and tags, commenting, optimizing, etc. can be time consuming. It’s always a wise choice to consult a professional digital business developer expert who knows how to create web videos and market them online.

Consult a specialist at Frozen Fire about creating a YouTube marketing strategy here.

  • Think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your brand. You’ll need someone that will own that page, building your audience by reaching out to fans, and managing your online profile. Search your brand on YouTube to see how people currently talk about you and reach out to people by commenting on their videos. Engage in conversations on YouTube. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with fans or prospects.
  •  Make the feature reel, or “channel trailer,” on your branded YouTube channel the most entertaining or best piece of content that you have. Through the One Channel interface you can set up a trailer video that will reach out to non-subscribers in attempts to draw them in further. If a viewer visits your channel, you have one chance to draw them in and impress them with your video content.

SEO applies to YouTube!

 Remember that YouTube is more than a video hosting site; it is a powerful search engine. Create content


that answers questions that your customers may have about your services or products. How-to videos are very helpful to consumers, so videos like these are a good place to start. When naming your videos, consider keywords or phrases that people would use when using a search engine to find answers or other information. Keywords help the YouTube search engine find your videos to present to viewers.

There are so many benefits to creating a branded YouTube channel for your business but creating and implementing a strategy is not always a simple feat. Whether your company needs a YouTube channel makeover or a brand new channel, Frozen Fire can help.


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