October 25th, 2019

Why You Should Hire a Dallas Corporate Videographer

In this day and age, it’s extremely important to integrate video into your company’s digital marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a Dallas corporate videographer to help broaden your company’s reach and strengthen your connection with your clients.

People are Begging for Video Content

Data shows that the most consumed material today is video. Video content is one of the most engaging ways to interact with your audience. The public isn’t asking for a billboard or a newspaper ad. Rather, they are asking for insightful and creative video content.

It is important that you use a Dallas corporate videographer to help create these videos in a way that is specific to your audience and your brand’s messaging. If your customers can connect with and appreciate your content, they will engage more frequently with your company. Utilizing video is a no brainer!

Increased engagement

It’s no secret that social media plays a key role in a business’s digital marketing strategy. In order to best use social platforms, you must create the content that people are actively consuming on these platforms. Videos perform better than photos on social media platforms – it’s a simple fact. On average, videos receive twice as many clicks and reactions on Facebook compared to the average photo.

While making DIY videos can seem simple enough, there is a lot that goes into creating high quality, engaging video content.  Your time is valuable, and creating video content to increase engagement is time-consuming. A Dallas corporate videographer can help you create great, engaging videos quickly and easily for you.

Increased ROI

The reason that most people jump at the thought of increasing their social media engagement is because this generally translates to an increase in your return on investment ( ROI).  There is a staggering difference between the cost of customer acquisition for a video and photo that held the same content. Almost every time, video content outperforms photo content by a wide margin. This increased interest in your company will then lead to increased traffic to your website and thus an overall increase in the number of sales and overall ROI!

Give Potential Customers a Peek Into Your Company

Your clients want to see the faces behind your company. Video is the perfect way to give insight into who your team is in a fun, creative, and of course, engaging way.


Utilizing a Dallas corporate videographer to showcase your corporate culture is impactful! In recent years, the word “culture” has become a buzzword across all platforms. Share your company culture with customers – let them see inside to how you interact, what you do, and what sets you apart.


Our team loves to use the power of video to capture testimonials for our clients.  Video captures the raw honesty and emotions of a customer’s story in a way that a written review cannot. We encourage all potential and current Frozen Fire Films clients to check out our client testimonial videos. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to utilize your client reviews in the form of a video to convert viewers into clients!

Our Process

It can be difficult to find a videographer who truly understands your business and can accurately capture your company’s brand through the lens. Being able to capture your company in a way that gives justice to the value you create is something that comes from experience. With over 20 years of experience as corporate videographers, Frozen Fire Films has worked within a variety of industries and specialties.

From start to finish, we ensure that your company is accurately portrayed and that your brand identity is brought to life. We take extra steps to ensure that you are involved and pleased from beginning to end. This has positioned us as the go-to corporate videographer for a countless number of businesses in all fields.

Contact us today to begin the journey to taking your company to the next level through video production!



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