May 20th, 2013

Why Use a High-Definition Makeup Artist for Your Video/Commercial

The High-definition resolution of up to 1920 by 1080 pixels, picks up every single detail in front of the camera. This level of detail is both a help and a hindrance. People and places look more real in High-definition than in film. That sense of reality is created, in part, because High-definition displays every flaw. All flaws, from natural to cosmetic imperfections, become magnified by High-definition. Age spots are darker, wrinkles are deeper, and the skin texture irregularities are amplified. The addition of lights also serves to enhance imperfections. If you are naturally pale skinned, you will look washed out and if you become flushed easily, the heat from the lights will likely leave you looking red. The absence of makeup can only draw attention to something that you would rather leave hidden. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on hiring a high-definition makeup artist for our video shoots.

Why Should I Use a High-Definition Makeup Artist?

Beauty makeup may seem like a simple thing, but in fact it is the most standard makeup needed. Expert skills are required to create a clean, color-correct, and lightweight look that stands up to High-definition’s scrutiny. Makeup needs to be applied by a professional to achieve the smooth and even complexion that everyone desires. Day-to-day makeup may look heavy and cakey. Makeup that is too matte can look dry and flaky. Makeup which appears wet accentuates wrinkles and produces hot spots from even the softest lighting. An experienced makeup artist can do wonders on nooks, crannies, crow’s feet, rashes, blemishes, nose hairs and many other natural imperfections. Blemishes and birthmarks can be particularly tricky to cover up. If the wrong type of makeup is applied, a red spot may change to a purplish spot which appears more obvious than the original blemish.

The Hidden Perks of Makeup Artists

When you hire a makeup artist, you are also adding a valuable perspective to your team. You and your acquaintance are accustomed to the various imperfections of your face and may not notice them, while a makeup artist is trained to look for these irregularities. In addition, a makeup artist addresses the changes which take place over time during a shoot. When you perform in front of lights or outside on a hot day you will acquire a shine on your face from perspiration. This change sometimes occurs so slowly that the camera operator does not notice it. A makeup artist will step in and prevent shine from accumulating on your face, allowing your viewers to focus on your message rather than the changing aspects of your face. Having a makeup artist on set ensures that you continue to look great throughout the shoot. This practice may even save you from having to do a re-shoot!

What Should I Look for in a Makeup Artist?

As with any professional, experience is an important consideration when choosing who you should hire. Your makeup artist should have experience with high-definition video and understand the unique requirements of this medium. They should provide everything needed to accomplish their task including all makeup and accessories. You should also take their personality into account. Makeup artists have to literally get “in your face”, so it is important that they are able to make you feel at ease. Your makeup experience sets the tone for the shoot. Hiring a professional that allows you to feel confident and comfortable, positions you for a successful shoot! Overall, the makeup artist will help you spend less time and money on post production and increase the production value of your project! Still not convinced? Check out the photo comparison below. The subject on the right has no makeup and the subject on the left has makeup applied by a high definition makeup artist!


By Liz Johnston



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