April 26th, 2023

3 Tips to Increase Sales Using Video Marketing

Picture this: you are a business owner with years of experience in your given trade. After years of successful operation, you notice your revenue is beginning to plateau. This is the story for many businesses with sustained success. New companies disrupt the market, providing a solution for the demand initially identified when taking the risk to start a business.

Years later, the competition catches up, or that initial demand is sputtering out. Either way, one tried and true tactic to increase sales is by implementing video into your marketing strategy.

How can Video Increase Sales?

Over any other medium, video provides information to the consumer in an efficient and entertaining way. Rather than asking your potential clients to spend time reading or looking at a static graphic/photo, a well-crafted video combines audio-visual elements to tell a story, explain a process or outline your company’s value statement.

Data and research add further credibility to video’s ability to increase sales. According to HubSpot, 90% of marketers polled saw increased leads when utilizing video in paid ad campaigns, and 92% said video investments brought a solid return on investment. Here are three tips to increase sales using video:

  1. Video on a Website’s Homepage

A company’s website is the most important place to start, as it is where most of your outbound marketing efforts should lead. Frozen Fire recommends placing a video that auto-plays right on your website’s homepage. This will have SEO benefits, keeping users engaged on your website longer. Consumers are more likely to convert when a well-crafted video showcases your product or services.

  1. Video in Paid Ad Campaigns

A versatile paid ad strategy is critical to increasing sales, and video is the best creative you can choose for many paid ad strategies. This is especially true if your company provides a service or product with some visual elements. Think construction, hospitality, consumer products, car dealerships, etc.

However, every platform is built differently. Utilizing professional video for YouTube pre-roll ads and in broadcast spots is best because consumers are more likely to view this content on a large, 4K television. However, Meta or TikTok ads will most likely be viewed on mobile devices. These platforms also value genuine content that feels user-generated over a polished, high-budget video.

  1. Video on Social Media

Building a digital community using video is a great way to increase sales. As previously mentioned, video is a way to engage more with potential users. Create videos to showcase your product or service in real-time, film client testimonials or have fun with trends!

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