June 29th, 2017

Improve Your Production with the Edelkrone SliderPLUS & Motion Kit

The Edelkrone SliderPlus & Motion Kit is the world’s smartest and most portable 4-axis motion control system. If you are a videographer, this technology can quickly increase the quality of video you are capable of producing. Filmmakers, timelapse creators, and tech nerds alike will fall in love with the great new features offered by this kit.

The Edelkrone SliderPlus

Comprised of CNC (computer numerical control) machined aluminum, sliding across non-friction ball bearings, and built with a double coating for enhanced scratch resistance, the SliderPLUS is sleek, light, and tough. You are guaranteed an ultra smooth, consistent slide everytime.

While the slider may look compact, the rails of the SliderPLUS move along with the camera, providing twice the distance of possible camera travel and dolly in/out range of comparably sized sliders.

The SliderPLUS comes in 4 sizes, based on whether you need longer camera travel and a higher carrying capacity, or a lightweight, more portable set up. The smallest is 13” wide and just over 3 lb, while the largest is 25” and just over 4 lb.

The Motion Kit

With this new kit, you can control the slide, pan, tilt and focus all at once. With other systems, you need to program each axis separately with keyframes and curves for those longer durations. And when you need to change a shot, old systems require you to start over from scratch. The SliderPLUS Motion Kit comes with self programming, eliminating this issue all together.

The Motion Kit even records and plays back your camera motions. Run through one motion, then with the push of a button, the slider can run the exact same slide on its own.

Another great feature of this product is remote operation with your smartphone through Bluetooth. The interface is extremely user friendly, with all key actions and features easily accessible from one unified main screen.

The Motion Kit also employs smart object tracking. After you focus on the object, watch as the Motion Kit continues to track and keep focus on the subject.

The Edelkrone SliderPLUS and Motion Kit is more advanced than other similar products on the market. Pick one up today if you’re interested in advancing your video production capabilities to the next level.



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