January 10th, 2014

Dallas Video Production Company Offers Five Reasons to Include Video on Corporate Websites

Why Add Video to Your Website?

Dallas Video Production Company Offers Five Reasons to Include Video on Corporate Websites
Owners of small business are commonly encouraged to make a video for their corporate website, but the benefits and reasons to make a video are not always communicated. Below are five reasons why website videos have turned from a marketing extra, to a business necessity.

You Have to See it to Believe it

Today’s consumers are doing their own research and shopping for products and services online. Online shoppers sometimes miss out on one of the key benefits of a face-to-face sales pitch, the ability to demonstrate a point in a number of different ways. Traditional sales pitches include a sort of “show and tell.” Sales people are able to backup their message with visual aids, anecdotes, and metaphors that help drive their point home. Videos can take advantage of all of these techniques while entertaining the online consumer. Best of all, these online sales pitches are accessible 24 hours a day.

Capture the Time Conscious Audience

Society’s brevity trend is in full swing. Blogs have become shorter and the briefest methods of communication (twitter and texts) have become central to everything from product launches, to world-wide news, and social movements. So it’s not a surprise to find that when faced with the choice between reading website copy and a short video, most online consumers opt for the quicker possibility. In addition, the rise in mobile snacking, browsing online for short periods of time on mobile devices, has further strengthened the need for website video. Reading a lot of copy on a small screen can be frustrating, but accessing and watching a short video is as simple as touching your finger to a screen!

Helpful Face-to-Face Selling Tool

Website videos can be an incredibly effective resource for your sales team. Imagine the amount of time your team could save by simply directing customers to the video on your homepage. The video can supply customers with the basics of your service or product, and your sales team can spend the bulk of their meetings on what they do best, answering questions and concerns that apply to the specific needs of their customers. Starting a meeting with a video can also be a great way to place your potential customer in a receptive headspace and ease them into a productive meeting mood. Once you’ve finished the meeting, your customer can easily share information about your company with their co-workers and friends, simply by referencing the video on your website.

SEO & Social Media Benefits

With Google’s acquisition of YouTube,video has become an SEO must! Video helps to increase your website’s chances of earning a spot on the first page of Google by 60 percent. The higher you are in Google search results, the more people are likely to click on your page and contact you for services and products. Video also increases your online reach because of its popularity on social media. The most frequently shared posts on Twitter and Facebook are images and video. Posting your video on social media can help you create a network of fans that are willing to spread your video to their friends and acquaintances. (Not to mention the SEO boost these extra links will give your website).

Creating a Lasting Impression

How many quotes from television shows, movies, and videos can you remember? Video has an indelible quality, giving viewers information both visually and auditorily helps cement your message long after the consumer has finished watching. Customers may be reminded of a snippet of your video by seeing a similar image, causing them to go back to your site for a quick refresher.

By Liz Johnston

If your company is interested in incorporating video in your corporate website, Frozen Fire can help. Contact us to get the process started.

Frozen Fire is a digital business development and communication strategy firm that exists so that businesses have the tools necessary to know exactly who their customers are and what their customers are looking for; we help companies connect with their customers via digital marketing strategies; and we help them to drive their sales, business development and marketing efforts, so as to gain the maximum return on their investments in terms of marketing dollars, efforts, and human resources. Contact us to learn how we can help your business know, connect, drive.



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